Writing for the web:
1] Keep it simple, short and sweet. A few paragraphs and an image per page. Occasionally pages can be lengthy and wordy.
2] a few warm and friendly images of yourself, webpages can be cold and unfriendly otherwise
3] Guidelines:
4] Includes pages and a menu similar to other websites in your field

How to edit a webpage:
1] Login at
2] enter username/password sent to you
3] you can view the main Dashboard (has all the lefthand menu options) anytime by clicking the upper left link ‘Dr Cherif Matta’-Dashboard
4] Lefthand menu-All Pages-select page of interest, or browse to webpage and press Edit button at top of page
5] Edit main text as desired. Keep it simple, keep bolds, italics, headings to a bare minimum
Headings: Format menu dropdown-Formats-Headings-select a heading
Add links: highlight text-Press Link icon (looks like paperclip)-enter link details
Insert images and pdf: see below
6] Press Update button on righthand side
7] Press View Page at top of page to see newly edited page

Create a New Page
1] login-lefthand menu-Pages-Add New
2] Enter page title and any other page text
3] Righthand menu-Publish button

Uploading Media (pdf and images)
if its an image, edit with instructions below first, image should be in web format (72dpi)
1] lefthand menu-Media-Add New
2] Select pdf or image

Inserting Media Into Webpage (pdf and images)
1] place cursor where the pdf link or image should go
2] Press ‘Add Media’ button (above text box), select media
3] images may have additional properties like Alignment and Size

Edit a photo for the web (72dpi=web format, larger resolutions slow down page load):
1] Go to
2] Click ‘Edit a Photo’ in the menu
3] Upload photo, select recommended middle setting (for the web)
4] Click ‘Crop’ button in lefthand menu
5] Crop image as desired (ie. 300px x 300px)
6] Click ‘Save’ from the menu above the image
7] Click ‘Save to my computer’ in the lefthand menu, done
8] Login to wordpress, lefthand menu ‘Media’, select ‘Add New’
9] select the image you just edited, upload, done, now you can insert it into a webpage

Update Homepage
Update large Slider Image/text: Appearance-Theme Options-Homepage-Built in Slider-select 1 of 3 sliders
Update 3 Widgets on homepage: Appearance-Theme Options-Homepage (Content)-select Conent Area 1,2,3

Update Right Hand Side Bar Widges:
Appearance-Widgets-Side Bar-1st Visual Editor-edit text as needed-Save

Update menu
Appearance-Menus-select pages to add/remove/subpage

Entering Formula’s
With MathType and WordPress you can:Add an equation to WordPress. You can copy and paste equations and expressions from MathType directly into WordPress.
In MathType’s Preferences menu, choose Cut and Copy Preferences. On the Mac, this is in the Preferences flyout of the MathType menu.
In the Equation for application or website section, choose WordPress.
In MathType’s Format menu, choose Inline Equation.
After you create your equation or expression, select it and copy it. (Depending on your browser, you may be able to use drag & drop rather than copy & paste.)
Paste it into WordPress. The equation won’t change to “equation style” until you publish or preview the post.

How to convert equation in MathType to Latex
1. Double click your equation then you will go to MathType
2. Click Preferences –>Cut and Copy Preferences
3. And choose MathML or Latex
4. Copy your equation into your Latex File

Mathtype sample, exported for WordPress, uses latex:

\displaystyle \sqrt{{{{a}^{2}}+{{b}^{2}}}}\sqrt{{{{b}^{2}}-4ac}}\frac{{-b\pm \sqrt{{{{b}^{2}}-4ac}}}}{{2a}}

copied from MathType:

\displaystyle \to \partial \sqrt{{{{a}^{2}}+{{b}^{2}}}}\sqrt{{{{b}^{2}}-4ac}}\frac{{-b\pm \sqrt{{{{b}^{2}}-4ac}}}}{{2a}}
Latex sample:
..You may use either the shortcode syntax e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
or the “inline” syntax e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
to insert LaTeX into your posts…

Skype paul.lindgreen ,call, email
There’s lots of good youtube tutorials online too should the instructions above not be enough.
When some formatted text is driving you nuts its a good idea to clear the formatting (Format-Clear Formatting) and if that does not work cut all the text out and paste it into Notepad and then start again by pasting it back in from Notepad (which strips all the formatting).

Admin Account Tips
1] do not install plugins, update wordpress or perform risky design layout changes, this can bring down your site or be very difficult to recovery from. This should be done by an admin (Paul) as the whole site should be backed up before doing so, otherwise you risk losing information and potentially having to redesign the entire site from scratch.
Cleaning up and fixing a broken design layout or crashed website is billable work @$65/hr, I should be able to fix most problems within an hour though.