List of Courses Taught

List of Courses Taught by Dr. C. F. Matta







CHEM6690 Grad. Directed Study in Chemistry: Advanced Quantum Mechanics Professor 2012, 2014 [1]
CHEM6691 Grad. Directed Study in Chemistry: The Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules Professor 2011 [1]
CHEM/BIOL3501 3rd yr Introductory Biochemistry(a)  Professor 2006- 2014 [2]
CHEM/BIOL3502 3rd yr Intermediary Metabolism(b) Professor 2007- 2014 [2]
PHYS 3310 3rd yr Directed Study in Physics: Introduction to Information Theory Professor 2015 [2]
CHEM3012 3rd yr Directed Study in Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry Professor 2012, 2008 [2]
CHEM3310 3rd yr Directed Study in Physics: Quantum Mechanics Professor 2011 [2]
CHEM3301 3rd yr Introductory Quantum Chemistry(c) Professor 2007- 2017 [2]
CHEM2301 2nd yr Chemical Thermodynamics Professor 2006 [2]
CHEM2302 2nd yr Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics Professor 2007- 2011 [2]
PHYS2210 2nd yr Waves and Optics Professor 2008- 2014 [2]
PHYS2301 2nd yr Modern Physics(c) Professor 2007- 2017 [2]
PHYS2200 2nd yr Electricity and Magnetism Professor 2011, 2009 [2]
CHEM705 Grad. Computational Chemistry Professor 2004 [3]
22courses 1st–4th yr General and Physical Chemistry Laboratories (22×0.5 unit courses) Teaching Assistant 1996- 2001 [3]
CHM447H 4th yr Biological Chemistry Teaching Fellow 2004, 2003 [4]
CHM138 1rst yr Introductory Organic Chemistry Demonstrator 2004, 2003 [4]
OAC-Math Grade 13 Ontario Advanced Credit (OAC) in Finite Math.  Teacher 2000 [5]
PHY138 1st yr Physics for the life Sciences (Syllabus of the University of Toronto) Instructor 2004, 2003 [6]


[1] Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, Canada. [2] Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS, Canada. [3] McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada. [4] University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. [5] Southern Ontario College, Hamilton, ON, Canada. [6] PREP 101, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada. (A private institution providing tests and exams preparations for university students).

(a–c) Are cross–listed courses taught simultaneously. (F) Fall Semester (September to December) (W) Winter Semester (January to April).


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